Dr. Osuna's Secret Membership Group- "Biohacking Secrets"

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We have very limited space for the biohacking "tribe" that Dr. Alejandro Osuna is creating. This private monthly membership group will include:

  • Facebook "Secret Group" (members only)
  • Open office hours weekly (where you can have all your questions answered)
  • Unlimited email support from Dr. Osuna (contact him any time)
  • Advance weight loss and metabolic optimization videos weekly
  • 3-4 exercise routines weekly from Dr. Osuna or one of his coaches
  • Weekly reviews of the most cutting edge scientific studies published
  • Weekly video recipes 
  • Discounts in all other programs, products and services offered by Dr. Osuna and his coaches.

Biohacking are tricks and tactics to improve the expression of your biology, which is your health!  Topics to be discussed: Advanced Fat Loss Strategies, Neuroscience (and how to change your brain and thought pattern), Ketogenic and Paleolithic Diet, Metabolic Exercise and Strength, Circadian Rhythm (Sleep Biology, Light, etc.), Posture and How it Relates to Health. 

This membership group is for you if: 

  • Have Diabetes or want to prevent it
  • Are obese or overweight
  • Have hormonal problems
  • Have tried every diet and nothing works
  • Have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or any kind of arthritis 
  • Have family history of alzheimer's or dementia
  • Want to live for a long time, healthy and happy
  • Are interested in improving your LIFE! 

Being part of this group is your opportunity to take your health and life to the next level. Commitment is the key!